Monday 29 June 2015

Book ~ "The Shell Game" (2014) Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

From GoodreadsCon man Nick Fox is after Garson Klepper’s golden Peruvian relics. For Fox, convincing Klepper to hire him as security for the relocation of the relics to the Getty museum in L.A. was easy. 

Problem is, Fox wasn’t planning on Klepper also enlisting the help of the FBI. Fox also wasn’t planning on being paired up with rookie special agent Kate O’Hare. She’s smart, she’s tenacious and when she’s conned, she holds a grudge.

This is a short story and the prequel to the Fox and O'Hare series ... we find out how FBI Special agent Kate O'Hare and con artist Nicolas Fox first meet.

Nick Fox poses as security to ensure that some Peruvian relics aren't stolen ... when he's actually planning on stealing them.  The owners of relics asks the FBI for help and Kate O'Hare is assigned. It's her first case and she's determined that nothing is going to happen.  But it does.

I liked the writing style and it's a quick read.  I've read all in this series and enjoyed them.

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