Thursday 4 June 2015

Book ~ "The Essential Guide to Women's Herbal Medicine" (2015) Cyndi Gilbert

From Goodreads ~ Botanical medicine is one of the main therapies employed by naturopathic doctors, and many women are now turning to natural remedies for treating and preventing health problems, either as an alternative or as a complement to conventional health care. This pursuit of optimum health care can often be confusing and overwhelming because of the wide range of information that is available.

Gilbert provides clear information on herbal medicine treatments that meet the distinctive needs of women. There are 25 topics covered, from anemia and Dysmenorrhea to pregnancy, menopause and endometriosis. A complete profile for 49 herbs is featured with the corresponding condition or ailment it treats along with an easy-to-follow protocol.

Every herb can be found in a local pharmacy or health food store, and special instructions are included for the safety of each herb with potential adverse effects and drug interactions.

The easy-to-understand format, combined with the most current research information available, make this an indispensable guide for women. 

I like reading about how to treat things naturally and that's why this book caught my eye.  It was especially interesting because it is focused on women's issue.  The author is a Naturopathic Doctor with an inclusive clinical practice with focuses on women's health and mental health here in Toronto.

There are three parts to the book:
  1. Introduction to herbal medicine - history, how to use the herbs, etc.
  2. Women's health conditions
  3. Women's medicinal herbs

Right at the beginning of the book, there is a chart which is a quick guide to herbal treatments.  Under the health conditions section, there is a lot more detail:
  • a description of what it is
  • signs and symptoms
  • associated conditions
  • first-line herbal care
  • other herbal treatments
  • common combinations
  • conventional medical treatments
  • case studies
  • forklore info
  • tips

Also right at the beginning of the book, there is a chart which is a quick guide to various herbs.  Under the herbs section, there are details:
  • current medical uses
  • history and energetics
  • research evidence
  • safety
  • further reading

Here are some handy things to know from the book:
  • Cinnamon blunts the blood sugar spikes from super sweet foods (we put cinnamon in our shakes in the morning).
  • Ginger is a great herb for nausea, arthritis and menstrual cramps.
  • Lemon balm is useful for anxiety and cold sores.

The book is written in an easy-to-read way and is a great guide to have handy.

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