Monday 15 June 2015

Book ~ "1st to Die" (2000) James Patterson

From Goodreads ~ The Women's Murder Club pits four San Francisco women professionals against a serial killer who's stalking and murdering newlyweds. 

Lindsay Boxer is a homicide inspector who's just gotten some very bad news. She deals with it by immersing herself in her newest case and soliciting the personal as well as professional support of her closest friend, who happens to be the city's medical examiner. The two women, along with an ambitious and sympathetic reporter and an assistant DA, form an unlikely alliance, pooling their information and bypassing the chain of command.

Lindsay is a homicide detective who has a lot going on.  There is a serial killer murdering newly married couples.  Because of the high profile of the case, she is assigned a new partner who she begrudgingly has to work with.  On top of all that, she discovers that she has a life threatening disease.

Lindsay thinks it would be a good idea to form an informal group to get difference perspectives to try and solve the murders.  The Women's Murder Club is formed with Lindsay; her good friend, Claire who is a medical examiner; Cindy, a reporter; and Jill, an assistant DA. Just when Lindsay thinks the case has been solved, she comes across new evidence that might prove otherwise.

This is the first in the Women's Murder Club series.  I'd read the 13th one in March and liked it so thought I'd go back and start at the beginning.  Though it is part of a series, it does work as a stand alone, especially since it's the first in the series.

I enjoyed the writing style and it went at a good pace. I liked the short choppy chapters. The point of view shifted ... it was first person perspective when the focus was on Lindsay and third person perspective when the focus was on everyone else ... but it was easy to figure out.  As a head's up, there is swearing, violence and adult activity.

As I was reading it, though, I got the sense that it was written by a woman ... so I don't know if Patterson had a female ghostwriter and took the credit for it or if he did indeed write it himself.

I liked the different twists in the story but thought the last one was kind of silly.  There was the death of one of the characters that I didn't think was necessary.

I liked this one and will continue to get caught up in the series.

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