Tuesday 9 June 2015

Book ~ "Boston Cream" (2012) Howard Shrier

From Goodreads ~ David Fine is not the kind of guy to go missing. Or so his father tells PI Jonah Geller. A brilliant young surgeon-in-training, devout, devoted to his parents- - last seen two weeks ago leaving the Boston hospital where he worked. 

Still recovering from a concussion, Jonah and partner, Jenn Raudsepp, soon find out that David fled for his life after a vicious Irish crime boss tried to abduct him. And that he's more likely dead than alive. 

Then Jenn joins the ranks of the missing and Jonah needs help from former hit man, Dante Ryan, and two local wise guys as he races the clock to save her life, one step ahead of the Boston law. 

Jonah Geller is a private investigator in Toronto.  He gets hired by David Fine's parents, who live in Toronto, to find their son, a surgeon-in-training in Boston.  Jonah and his partner, Jenn, head to Boston to see what happened to David.

Disappearing is not characteristic of David, who is studious and serious.  In searching his apartment, Jonah discovers books on how to play poker, history on David's computer that he's played on poker sites and $5000 in cash.  As Jonah continues to dig, he discovers that David is running from Irish crime boss, Sean, and there are many in David's small circle who could be involved is his disappearance in one way or another.

When Jonah and Jenn get too close, Jenn is kidnapped and Jonah calls his friend, Dante Ryan, a former hit man who now owns a restaurant in Toronto, for help.  Ryan doesn't hesitate to do what he has to do.

This is the third in the Jonah Geller series (and the third that I've read by this author) and I enjoyed it.  I found it started a bit slow but picked up pretty quickly.  I liked the writing style.  It kept me wanting to read more to see what was going to happen.  It's written in first person perspective from Jonah's point of view.  Because it is his voice, we get to read his thoughts and feelings ... at times Jonah is sarcastic which I appreciated.  As a head's up, there is violence and swearing.

I look forward to reading more by this author.

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