Wednesday 22 October 2014

Flavurs, London, ON

I had supper tonight at Flavurs on Wellington Road.  Apparently it recently changed ownership.

There are two parts ... the bar side and the dining side.

I sat in the dining side

I ordered baby back ribs. 

I didn't want fries so had asked to have them replaced with garlic mashed potatoes.  I thought that fries, baked beans and coleslaw were the three choices of the sides you could get with the ribs.  No ... all three were included! 

I don't like cole slaw so didn't try any
I'm not a fan of beans but these were good ...
I had a couple forkfuls and could taste cinnamon
I ate all the potatoes ... they were good!
The ribs were good ... and there was a lot of them!

You could add sauce if you wanted ... my fav was the honey bourbon.

It was a huge meal ... needless to say I took half the ribs to-go when I left.  Maybe I'll them for breakfast tomorrow.

Mel was my server and she took good care of me.  She was friendly and helpful.

The background music was great ... it was tuned in to a Sirius 70s station.

I'd stop in again if I was in the area.

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Fizzgig said...

those beans look amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

You actually missed out on the coleslaw. Its not your typical slaw. The cabbage is crunchy, and the sauce has a hint of curry, so its kind of a sweet/spicy mix with a lot of crunch. I order it special on the side.