Friday 24 October 2014

Her Majesty's Pleasure, Toronto, ON

Gord and I like getting pedicures and this evening we checked out Her Majesty's Pleasure (King Street W/Portland Street).  They have been open for less than a month.

You can sit on the café side and have a drink and pastry

You can buy products.

You can have your hair washed and blown out and styled.

You can get a manicure.

You can get a pedicure, like Gord and I.

There were lots of colours to choose from.

I chose a fall colour, Coral.

What's great about Her Majesty's Pleasure is that you can have a glass of wine (or another alcoholic drink) while you are getting a pedicure or another service ... Gord and I got glasses of bubbly.

I also got a chocolate croissant.

Here are my toes ... ta-da!

And here we are ...

Her Majesty's Pleasure was a fun experience and we'll be back.  Our toes look great and it was nice to have a glass (or two) of bubbly while we were getting our toes done.

We found that our pedicurists didn't seem engaged.  They did what they had to do but there was no interaction with us.  Plus once they were done, they didn't come back to check on us to see if our toes were dry.  Considering we were paying spa prices ($55 each), I would have thought they'd be more attentive.  We could see them chatting with each other in another room afterwards but they could care less about us.  Everyone else was very friendly. 

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Interesting, thanks for posting!