Saturday 16 August 2014

Amsterdam BrewHouse, Toronto, ON

This evening we met friends for supper at the Amsterdam BrewHouse.

The plan was to sit on the patio which overlooks the harbour but alas, it was raining.

Gord and I both ordered Classic pizzas ... I had mine without mushrooms (I'm not a fan).

It was burnt in some places but good

And here we are ...

Rosemary (Kevin's wife), Christine (Alfred's wife), Gord,
me, Alfred and Kevin

We hadn't hung out with them since the end of March so it was nice to catch up.  Gord's been friends with Alfred and Kevin since they were about eight years old ... for more than 50 years!

Tim was our server and he took good care of us.

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Anonymous said...

Beer was very good


Masshole Mommy said...

The beer looks good. I would love that place,