Saturday 30 August 2014

Our new Master Forge BBQ

Gord and I live in a condo in a townhouse ... we're on the lower level.  The condos were built in 1999 and the builder provided BBQs to all the lower level units because we have gas lines on the terrace.

Ours still worked 15 years later ... sorta.  Not all the spots got heat and others got too much heat.  Gord and I have been wanting to replace our BBQ for the last couple years but just never got around to it.

Well, today was the day!

Gord hauled our BBQ out to the garbage area this morning.

Where our BBQ used to be

Here's our old BBQ in the garbage area ...

It served us well over the years

That's ours on the left ... someone else bailed theirs this weekend too.

Our old BBQ has a buddy

We went to Lowes in Etobicoke after brunch and bought a Master Forge BBQ.  Whoohoo!

The manual said it would take us 50 minutes to put it together ... and that's about how long it took.

Good job, Gord!
So shiny and pretty!

 Gord's BBQing chicken for supper tonight ... can't wait!