Thursday 21 August 2014

Book ~ "Katwalk" (2014) Maria Murnane

From Goodreads ~ Katrina Lynden has always walked a straight line in life, an approach that has resulted in a stable career and pleased her hard-nosed parents but that has also left her feeling unfulfilled and miserable. 

When her best friend suggests they quit their Silicon Valley jobs and embark on two months of adventure in New York City, Katrina balks at the idea but ultimately agrees, terrified yet proud of herself for finally doing something interesting with her life. 

But when her friend has to back out at the last minute, Katrina finds herself with a tough decision to make. Much to her surprise, she summons the courage to go alone, and the resulting journey is transformative, both emotionally and physically. Along the way she makes new friends, loses others, learns what is really important to her, and finds a way to grow up without leaving herself behind.

Katrina is almost 30, shy, naïve, lacks confidence, and is working in an accounting job that she hates.  She did well in school and has stuck with this job because it's what her parents wanted and she's never let them down.  Her best friend, Deb, also hates her job and convinces Katrina to quit her job so they can move to New York for a couple months for an adventure.  Katrina goes ahead with the plan and quits her job but Deb doesn't (she finally gets the promotion she's been wanting).

With everything all arranged and paid for, Katrina gathers her courage and goes to New York on her own.  With a list of things she wants to see and do, "Kat" meets new friends and discovers who she is (and isn't).

This is the first book I've read by this author and I enjoyed it.  I liked the storyline and the writing style.  It's written in third person perspective.

I liked Katrina and it was fun to watch her journey as she becomes Kat.  She meets Shana (her neighbour) and Grace on her first day in New York and they welcome her into their circle, which at times pushes Katrina out of her comfort zone.  She becomes open to trying new things like yoga and rediscovering things she had abandoned years ago like painting.  While I imagine her parents are well-meaning, I wanted to smack them, especially her mom, for always putting her down.  Katrina has always been the dutiful responsible daughter and while she is taking a two month break in New York, her mother is constantly contacting her and reminding her to look for a job.  Shana, Grace and the others in their circle sound like a fun bunch!

I look forward to reading other books by this author.

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