Monday 20 January 2014

X-Nail & Spa, Toronto, ON

After work today, Gord and I headed over to X-Nail & Spa for pedicures ... it's our go-to spot in our 'hood for pedicures.

There were lots of colours of polish to choose from!

I choose Grape Gum.

Ta-da!  Thanks, Nina!

There's Gord!

Our toes and feet looked great now!


Masshole Mommy said...

Chris and I got pedicures last Friday for his birthday~

Way Out Wear said...

How lovely! That's a wonderful colour for winter!
I should get a pedicure in a salon, as I always find it's too cold in my house this time of year to have bare feet for so long! (Thank goodness for quick dry and one coat products!)

Lorna said...

I've just begun using that brand after getting one in a Luxe Box and finding it very durable; the colours are great too. What a nice date. I'll try suggesting it to Dave when he gets back from his short holiday.