Thursday 2 January 2014

Le Sommet des Neiges, Mont Tremblant, QC

Gord and I stayed at Le Sommet des Neiges for the two days we were Mont Tremblant.

We had a one bedroom suite.

Living room ... we used the gas fireplace a lot (it was cold out)
The patio doors opened (acted like a window) but wasn't a patio
There was a patio around the corner from the fireplace
(we watched the midnight fireworks there on New Years Eve)
Living room and dining room
Living room/dining room ... we set up our laptops on the dining room table
Full kitchen
There were two doors to the bathroom ...
one from the kitchen and one from the bathroom

The view from our living room ...

Look at those icicles!

I stayed here a couple years ago with Sister Sarah and liked it ... and I liked it this time.  I'd stay here again.

It's right at the base of the mountain (so at the top of the pedestrian village), which made it handy when Gord and I headed up to go snowshoeing yesterday.  There are lots of restaurants handy.

The staff was friendly.  The suite was great and had everything we needed.  There is a washer/dryer with detergent provided so I even did a load of laundry last night (nice not to have to do it when I get home).  The bed was really comfy. 

WIFI was free for the basic service for two devices ... sometimes it was really slow or non-existent.  The next level up cost $8/day per device but we figured we weren't around enough to warrant the cost so waited 'til the WIFI would come back on.

Parking cost $13/day.  We flew to the Mont Tremblant airport and took the shuttle to the hotel and back so didn't have to worry about having a car.

My one complaint was about the shower.  Usually with stand-up shower stalls, you open the door from the side and turn on the water.  With this one, the shower head pointed at the door.  So I got wet with cold water turning on the shower ... plus the water sprayed all over the floor through the open shower door.  I tried to turn the shower head to the side but it wouldn't budge too much.  The door didn't close tight enough and water got onto the floor while I was showering.  Lots of mopping up water with towels afterwards.


Masshole Mommy said...

That's a really nice suite!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's a nice place. I haven't been to Tremblant in years. When we go up north it's usually to St-Agathe or Sauveur. Tremblant is an hour ish past there, and my hubby's grandparents used to have a place in St-Agathe that we used to go to all the time for the weekend. (On a lake). The place has since run down and the land was sold unfortunately. I wish I could have given my children that experience.