Wednesday 29 January 2014

Estérel Resort, Estérel, QC

The company I work for had our sales conference Monday to today ... it was held at the Estérel Resort which is about 1.5 hours NE of Montreal.  There are about 60 of us from across Canada.

Estérel Resort is nestled in the Laurentian Mountains just 20 minutes from Saint-Sauveur, surrounded by three prestigious lakes and an endless forest. With two new boutique hotels - emotion and Evolution- three restaurants, and a new Nordic Spa, Estérel combines luxury and comfort with pleasure for an ideal nature getaway. 

Alas, because our days were jammed packed because of the conference, I didn't have time to enjoy the spa or check out the grounds.


Here's my room ... it was very nice!

The kitchen was stocked.
The bathroom was huge!
The tub was big and deep.
I soaked in the tub both nights with bubble bath.
My balcony ... brrrr!

I wasn't crazy about the food (except for Monday night).  When we arrived on Monday evening, many of us were hungry so we had a late supper at the bistro on site.  I was hungry and ordered beef ribs and potatoes au gratin.  You can imagine my (and everyone else's) wonderment when they arrived.  Though the potatoes were barely warm, the ribs were delicious and there was more than enough to share!

The rest of our meals weren't great.  Our lunches were buffet in one of the restaurants.  There was a pasta selection both days which I found kind of cold and hard (so sitting out too long).  There was a fish selection both days (a white fish yesterday and salmon today) ... I'm not a fish lover so didn't try them.  Yesterday's meat choice was beef with a weird texture and chewy.  Today's meat was some kind of game (venison maybe?) sausage which I passed on.  Supper last night was served to us in one of the boardroom and there were a couple courses ... rabbit and apple on a big spoon (I passed), mushrooms on a puff pastry (I passed), a small pork roast on pancetta with veggies (I ate the pork and it was okay) and a chocolate dessert square (which was okay).

It seemed like a fun place to spend some time regardless of the season.


Masshole Mommy said...

Holy cow....look at those ribs!!!

LeeAnn said...

Room looks amazing!!! I could live in there for a few days and not come out - food sounds a little yucky though.. rabbit - ewww

Knit and Purl Mama said...

The place looks amazing! I've never been to Esterel, but it's close enough to my house!