Wednesday 29 May 2013

Loblaws customer service doesn't follow up

A cottage roll is a like a ham that is soaked in brine.  You simmer it in water for a couple hours and then add potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, etc. to cook ... that's called a Boiled Dinner. Once the cottage roll is done, I take it out, slather it in a mustard/brown sugar glaze and bake it for about ten minutes.  Yum!!

On March 16, I bought a cottage roll at my local No Frills ... we hadn't had one in a while and I was looking forward to it.

When I opened it the next day, it smelled really bad.  I checked the "best before" and it was March 13!  Knowing I wouldn't be at No Frills for another six days, I tossed it in the garbage.

The lesson learned is always check the best before date on meats.

I sent an email to Loblaws (No Frills' parent company) that day (March 17) to let them know.  I heard back from a senior customer service rep the next day asking me to email her my receipt and I'd get a gift card for the amount (about $15).  That wasn't my intent when I wrote but I figured okay.  So I emailed the receipt to her that day.

I didn't hear back from her so I sent my email to her again on April 5 and again this past Monday.

She responded on Monday that she'd sent me an email on March 22 because I hadn't attached the receipt (I have the "sent" email so I know I did).  I never received her email (and I always check my spam folder).  She asked that I resend it so I did.  Keep in mind that this is the fourth time I've sent it to her.

It's now Wednesday and I haven't heard back from her.

Do you think I'll ever get the gift card?!

May 30 update:  The rep sent me an email this morning asking for my address so she can send me the gift card.  She's still saying the receipt wasn't attached to my emails ... but the copies in my "sent" box prove otherwise.

June 5 update:  The gift card arrived today.  Whoohoo!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's disgusting customer service!! Is there anyone higher up that you can complain to?

Isabel said...

Ask for a supervisor and if there is still no response, i'd say you are not getting your gift card.

Teresa said...

Good luck getting that gift card.

Adaptable Kay said...

I certainly hope all this hassle comes to an end in the form of that well deserved gift card!

Fizzgig said...

it's hard to find good customer service nowadays!!

Masshole Mommy said...

Nope - I doubt you'll ever see that gift card. Crappy customer service.

Kat said...

Wow, that only took FOREVER. I had a similar experience with Price Chopper. I bought a pack of 20 mini KitKats for a craft I was doing with my kids. I later realized that the expiry date of the Kitkat was January of 2013. 3 months of overlooking that was ridiculous, so I called Sobeys (the head chain) and they did absolutely nothing about it. They offered to issue me a refund or new bag of chocolate, but I'd have to go in. Not worth my time!