Tuesday 21 May 2013

Book ~ "Saving Laura" (2013) Jim Satterfield

From Goodreads ~ Twenty-one-year-old Shelby Lee plunges into dangerous terrain when blatantly and very foolishly he robs Aspen, Colorado's most notorious cocaine dealer, fleeing the scene with five kilos of Peruvian flake and $75,000.

Shelby escapes to the sagebrush hills of southwestern Wyoming, hoping to disappear into the wilderness until after the furor dies down. Then he plans to return and wrest his old girlfriend, Laura, from the dealer's clutches. Shelby's half-baked scheme goes awry when a chance encounter with a teenage Bonnie and Clyde puts him in the middle of a shootout with two highway patrolmen, intensifying his challenge to stay hidden off the grid.

Using his cache of survival skills, Shelby evades local and state police and returns to Aspen only weeks after the robbery. He finds Laura, herself on the run after a brutal assault at the hands of her captor.

To make things worse, Shelby encounters an unscrupulous DEA agent, willing to sacrifice Laura to make his case. At the core of the chase and the unending physical challenges is the love of a man for a woman. Pure, not simple, but complicated.

It's 1979 and Shelby and Laura are dating and in love.  When his grandfather dies, Shelby needs his space and breaks up with Laura.  Laura starts dating Tom Tucker, a coke dealer, who turns her onto coke, gets her addicted and doesn't treat her very well. Thinking it was his fault this all happened, Shelby robs Tucker of coke and drugs, with the intent of exchanging them for Laura.

Needing to lay low for a while, Shelby hitchhikes to his grandfather's hunting cabin.  That's when things start to go wrong.  He gets a ride from a young couple who are on the run.  After a police chase, one cop is dead, the couple steal the cruiser and Shelby stays to take care of the other cop until he knows help will be arriving.  But now he has the cops looking for him.  He eventually heads back to Aspen, discovers Laura has escaped from Tucker and takes care of her.  He is then forced to help a DEA agent bring Tucker down (the DEA were in the process of this until Shelby unwittingly interfered).

This is the first book I've read by this author and I liked it.

I liked the writing style.  It was action-packed and there was always something going on.  It is written in first person, from Shelby's point of view.  As a head's up, the language at times is for mature readers.

I liked the characters.  Shelby is just trying to right the wrong that has happened to Laura.  He's a good guy and has loyal friends (who are colourful characters) who are willing to help him out no matter what.  Had Laura not become involved with Tucker and let him get her addicted to coke, none of this would have happened ... there is a lot of emphasis on the fact that she had alcoholic father, thus making it easy for her to become an addict herself.  Just say "no", kids!  I loved Jaws, the dog!

I'd recommend this book.

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