Saturday 25 May 2013

Bannock, Toronto, ON

After Gord and I checked out Old City Hall, we had an early supper at Bannock (it was hard to get a good picture of the outside with all the scaffolding).

The architecture reflects the menu – eclectic and approachably Canadian – featuring antique pine and hemlock reclaimed from one of the Queen’s wharfs that sat under the waters of Lake Ontario at York Street for over a hundred years. 

Bannock’s honest approach to food is rooted in familiar, wholesome ingredients that are reflective of Canada’s rich regional and cultural diversity, delivered in an innovative and playful way. Everyday classics are revitalized as the Chefs pay homage to traditional Canadian comfort foods, putting our cultural favourites front and centre. Bannock breads are integrated throughout the entire menu including artisan sandwiches and pizzas. Bannock garnishes are also added to soups, salads and main courses.

Gord started with Salt Cod Donuts.  So pretty!  He liked them and said he'd get them again.

He also had Atlantic Haddock and Shrimp Cake and Fries.  He also liked this and said he'd get it again.

I ordered Chili Chicken Pad Thai, minus the cabbage.  It came with cabbage, though, so I took it off.

The pad thai was tasty ... except there wasn't a lot of chicken but there were a lot of beans (the server said they'd be ground plus I wasn't expecting green beans, which I hate), tofu (I wasn't expecting tofu and don't like it) and egg (yes, I know, I'm fussy).

The menu items are different so it's an interesting place to check out.

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That food looks amazing.