Monday 20 May 2013

Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON

It's such a nice day today (sunny and 25C) so Gord and I walked over to Trinity Bellwoods Park (about a 15 minute walk).

The park is full of colour!

This guy's puppy was so sweet!  This is Myrtle and she is only eight weeks old (he's had her for two days).

We said hello to KC's tree ... it looks so healthy!

We walked north through the park ... this is at the north end looking SE towards the CN Tower.

This person had the right idea!

There is an alley on the northside of the park and the garages have been "tagged".

This robin was posing.

This is looking towards the CN Tower as we started heading south again.

This the leash free area in the park ... there were a few dogs out.

This dog's owner was playing Frisbee.  It wasn't too pleased about having the poodle sniffing its butt.

The park was full of people reading, sunning, snoozing ... doing their own thing.

I was craving an ice cream so it was exciting to see the ice cream truck parked on Queen Street W at the edge of the park (thanks for buying me an ice cream, Gord!).

Thanks, George!


Kat said...

I was just thinking of Trinity Bellwoods and how I need to visit it with the dogs. Now I want a soft serve icecream....

LeeAnn said...

The tree has gotten big! It's a beautiful tribute!

Isabel said...

Her tree looks so good! And the flowers are so pretty too.

Masshole Mommy said...

Gorgeous park!

Adaptable Kay said...

I love days like those where you can just enjoy being outside! Especially at a beautiful park like that with all the gorgeous scenery and people watching ^.^

And an ice cream man to boot?! Awesome!