Thursday 11 April 2013

Varadero, Cuba - Thursday

Sister Sarah and I take a vacation together every year, usually the long weekend in May. This time we are meeting up today for a week ... in Varadero, Cuba.

Her neighbours, Pauline and Curtis, have been together a long time and are getting married on Monday here at the resort ... so it was a good excuse to take a vacation!.

About fifteen of them arrived from Halifax today (including Sister Sarah). I arrived today too and there are some more arriving from Toronto on Saturday.

I heard last night that there was a winter storm watch for Toronto for today. Oh no!

It had just started raining when I got up this morning at 6am. By the time I was on the plane ready to go at 10am, it had started snowing and there was freezing rain. The plane had to be de-iced so we were an hour late leaving ... but at least we left.  Yay!

Here’s the view of Toronto out my window on the plane as we were leaving ...

And here’s the view three hours later as we were arriving in Cuba ...

Much better!

The pilot said it was 30C (about 40C with the humidity) when we landed in Varadero.

My room was ready right away so I unpacked and went looking for Sister Sarah. She wasn’t at the pool but I found her on the beach. The water was soooooooo nice!

After a late supper, we went to the show (International Gala Show was the theme) with Christine.

Here are Christine and Sister Sarah.

With all the traveling everyone did today, it was an early night for all.


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Have a fun and safe trip! Yay for leaving that yucky weather for a bit.