Saturday 13 April 2013

Varadero, Cuba - Saturday

Today was a very lazy day.

I did a lot of this ...

Sister Sarah did a lot of this (as did I) ...

When I got back to my room later this afternoon, I discovered I was sharing my room with a new friend!

Rather than eating in the buffet restaurant, Sister Sarah and I at at the Italian restaurant.

I started with a tomato soup ... it was good.  I wasn't sure what was in it ... turns out it was bacon (not like our bacon, though).

 Sister Sarah had spaghetti with tomato sauce ... she said it was good.

I had meat lasagna.  Though nothing like our lasagna, it was okay.

Our dishes were a lot better than what is in the buffet restaurant (which is not great).

Though we were both full, we ordered dessert (it was included).  Sister Sarah had the tiramisu.

 I don't like coffee so ordered the other dessert choice ... it was also coffee-flavoured so I didn't eat it.

Since we have to get up early to head to Havanna tomorrow (our bus is supposed to pick us up at 7:45am), we called it an early night.

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