Sunday 28 April 2013

Toronto Rock 11, Minnesota Swarm 20

Gord and I went to the Toronto Rock game this afternoon.

The Toronto Rock is a professional lacrosse franchise founded in 1998. This season they won the Eastern Division of the National Lacrosse League (NLL) and had the best record in the league.

This was the semi-final divisional game against the Minnesota Swarm.  Whoever won today would move on.  Whoever lost would be out.

Here come the Rock!

Scotty Newlands sang the national anthems.

The Rock huddled to get psyched.  Let's go, Rock!

And the game began ...

The game was fairly scrappy.

The Rock cheerleaders entertained while they determined who would get penalties and for how long.

Though the Rock scored first, the Swarm were winning 5 - 4 after the first quarter.

They showed a picture I took of Gord at the March 3, 2012, game on the jumbo tron .. they must have taken it from my blog or his.

Iggy and the Rock cheerleaders danced to Footloose.

We sat in section 109 in the 24th row.  We've had these seats before and liked them.

At the end of the second quarter, the Swarm were winning 10 - 5.  Oh oh!

 More fighting ...

The Rock cheerleaders entertained again.

At the end of the third period, the Swarm were winning 14 - 8.   Oh no!

More fighting ...


They drew the 50/50 ticket and the prize was $4,479.  Sweet!

Alas, we weren't even close!

Iggy was hanging out in the stands.

More fighting ...

There were a lot of Swarm fans in our section ... they had lots to cheer about.  As it turns out, most of the Swarm players are from Ontario.

The final score was 20 - 11 for the Swarm ... which means the Rock are out.  Boo :(

Despite all the fighting, the Rock and Swarm shook hands afterwards.

We like this section because there are lots of diehard fans.

 The Rock thanked their fans.

It was a fun season and we enjoyed it.  We went to every game ... next year we'll be buying season's tickets.


Teresa said...

Looks like your weekend was packed solid with fun things. Wasn't that sunshine wonderful, it has been a long time coming. Have a good week.

JCB said...

I love lacrosse and I love to watch professional sports. Just another thing I miss about living in a city!

Masshole Mommy said...

Oooh, what a fun night out!