Saturday, 4 June 2011

We're making progress ...

After sulking in my bedroom closet all day, look who finally came out ... Morgan!

Crumpet was still on the back of the couch and wasn't overly concerned.

I bought Crumpet some soft kitten food this morning. I also bought Morgan some soft adult light food. I figured the way to get Morgan to interact with Crumpet was through food ... and I was right.

I gave them some soft food for supper ... this is the closest they've been since we brought Crumpet home last evening because Morgan's been hiding and sulking.

Then Morgan went to Crumpet's plate to help her.

Then Crumpet checked out Morgan's plate (fair is fair).

Then Morgan went back to our bedroom but is snoozing on our bed rather than hiding in our closet.

Things are getting better ... yay!


Yvonne said...

Cats are always so good at helping clean each others plates.

Sounds like they are doing well so far. I have faith that Crumpet will win over Morgan (especially if that good wet food keeps showing up for a while)

~ames~ said...

Crumpet is super cute!!

Sarah said...

Food can work wonders with kitties!You are making progress.

BunnyMummy said...

Glad to hear that Morgan is comming around (sorry for refering to her as him earlier)

Tatiana said...

It's funny, I have four cats now, and they all play musical chairs with food.