Monday, 6 June 2011

Ring of Dreams with Yvette Raposo

My pal, Yvette, has started another series of workshops called Ring of Dreams.

Using different writing, breathing and meditation techniques, we will explore WHAT it is you REALLY WANT and how it REALLY IS POSSIBLE! This session will be focused on developing your Well Formed Outcome. Observe how the power of your thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams come alive on paper and simply unfold throughout your daily life! How much attention have you put into your intention lately? It's time now :-)

The first session was tonight. There were seven of us including Gord and my pal (and Yvette's), Shawna.

Yvette had us focus on a goal and asked us to answer some questions about it (like how to accomplish it, target date, etc.). Then she guided us into meditation and focus on it to see what it looks like. She talked a lot about our present state and how to fulfill our goal in our future state.

Here's Yvette after class.

Very encouraging!

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Teresa said...

Sounds very interesting. Good luck.