Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Book ~ "The Good Bride Guide" (2009) Matt Dunn

From MattDunn.co.uk ~ Ben Grant is fed up with always meeting the wrong girl. Having just celebrated his 29th birthday by being dumped by his 29th girlfriend, he decides he can't go on like this. Why can't he be as blissfully happy as his best friend Ashif, about to marry the beautiful Prithi, a bride chosen for him by his parents? Suddenly Ben has a great idea: why not ask his own parents to do the same for him?

But while Ben's parents see this as the perfect opportunity to set their son on the right path to matrimonial bliss, it soon becomes clear that Ben's idea of the kind of woman he wants to settle down with is quite different from that of his somewhat traditional mum and dad. Following a series of disastrous dates, Ben starts to realize that he wouldn't let his parents pick him out a shirt to wear, let alone a woman to marry.

But when Ben finally meets the girl he thinks might be "the one", he realizes that maybe he does have something to learn from his mum and dad after all. Can he learn the art of romance from his parents and land the girl of his dreams?

I discovered Matt Dunn last month and enjoyed his writing ... this is the third book of his I've read.

It's guy lit ... a story written by a guy about a guy looking for love, an interesting concept.

The story was good and I was cheering for Ben in his quest as he meets some ... er ... interesting women his parents set him up with. There are some funny misunderstandings ... you see them coming and you go along for the ride.

The characters are likeable ... Ben's parents would be a hoot to have a beer with.


Tatiana said...

Sounds great for a summer read.

Feisty Crone said...

This sounds like a fun read!