Monday, 13 June 2011

Prince Rupert, BC

I have a client in Prince Rupert and I'm doing plan refresh and one-on-one sessions for them tomorrow.

It's quite a journey to get here.

First there was a five hour flight west from Toronto to Vancouver (and a three hour time difference). It gave me a chance to watch a couple movies ... Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and Cedar Rapids. You know I love movies!

Then there was a two hour flight north from Vancouver to Prince Rupert.

The Prince Rupert Airport is on an island.

Your luggage goes into this truck.

You get on this bus.

Then the truck and bus catch a ferry to the mainland. It's a five minute drive to the ferry and a 15 minute ferry ride. You aren't allowed off the bus.

The bus drops you off at one of the main hotels ... I'm staying about five minutes away so I caught a cab.

The bus and ferry are coordinated with the flights coming in and leaving the airport (I think there are two of each a day).

I'll reverse the process when I head back on Wednesday. I don't want to miss the bus and ferry because apparently a water taxi costs $150 (eeek!) whereas the bus and ferry are included in my plane ticket.

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