Thursday, 23 September 2010

IKEA to the rescue

During the week, one of the shelves in my bookcase collapsed and the back exploded.

I'd bought a pair of them in June 2001 and they had served us well (I have one and Gord has one).

I stopped in at IKEA this week and found a couple bookcases that would do the trick. But they each weighed 82 pounds so there was no way I could lift them in and out of the car on my own.

Gord (and his muscles) and I went to IKEA after the ballgame to get a couple of the bookcases.

Of course, Morgan was all over the boxes when we brought them in.

It took me a couple hours to put mine together, take the books off the old one and put 'em on the new one. I'll sort 'em properly some other time.

The new bookcases are taller but skinnier than the old ones ... and do the trick.

Gord's going to put his together on Sunday.


Tatiana said...

I've got a few of those bookcases around, so far they've been amazingly sturdy.

Dev said...

It looks beautiful!!! I love the look of those books out on display

CapricornWoman said...

They look like mine, are they Billy?

Teena in Toronto said...

Yes, they are Billy ... Billy rocks :)