Monday, 20 September 2010

Book ~ "The Devil's in the Details" (2004) Mary Jane Maffini

From ~ It's Labour Day, Camilla's favourite weekend of the year. She's planning to relax and ponder what's happening in her newly evolving relationship with policeman Sgt. Ray Deveau (warm heart, cold feet), who is inconveniently located back in Sydney. She's emphatically not planning to get involved in anything that means trouble. No wonder the news that an old acquaintance has had an accident comes as a surprise. There must be some mistake. By the time Camilla unearths Laura Brown's connection to a violent revolutionary group active two decades earlier, she's had several blows to the head and discovered that women she's been talking to or talking about keep ending up dead. Looks like someone will do anything to keep Laura's connections secret. Soon getting arrested is the least of Camilla's problems. Camilla relies on her old friends, like Elaine Ekstein, and her old enemies like Sgt. Leonard Mombourquette and her old clients like that sexy reformed burglar, Bunny Mayhew. But will that be enough to keep her from joining those other women in the morgue?

This is the fourth book in the Camilla MacPhee series, which is set in Ottawa.

I finished the second one in the series last week and found it kind of flat. I must say that I really enjoyed this one. The story was interesting and moved along quickly. Sure, it was far fetched at times but it was fun.

The ending was a surprise but I bought it and was happy with it.

I'd definitely recommend this one.

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