Saturday, 25 September 2010

Steam Whistle bus tour to a hop farm in Gormley, ON

Gord and I did the Steam Whistle bus tour to a hop farm in Gormley (about a half hour drive away).

Here's Gord in front of the bus.

Along for the ride was ice and cases of beer.

Here's Davia, our driver ... she rocked!

We drove to Sandy's hop farm. He gave us some info about hops (it adds flavour to beer).

The beer was put on ice and we could help ourselves.

Gord loves hoppy beer and spent a lot of time among the plants.

A BBQed lunch was included ...

Yummy sausages!

Sandy also has animals ...

It is the end of the growing season and Sandy has volunteers (they work for beer!) ripping down the plants.

Here's our group ...

It was a fun informative day ... definitely worth the $20 cost!


Dev said...

Looks like fun! I'd go for the food - I don't like beer (unless I have lots of tomato juice!).

Teresa said...

Thats a fun way to spend a Saturday.