Sunday, 5 September 2010

Tom's Family Restaurant, Toronto, ON

I was in the mood for breakfast this morning ... but not in the mood to make it.

I walked up to Queen Star Restaurant but they don't open 'til 9am ... I was 10 minutes early. Rather than hang around and wait, I walked east a couple blocks to Tom's Family Restaurant.

It's been years since Gord and I have been there ... we used to go there occasionally.

I had the breakfast special.

There's Carl the cook behind the counter getting it ready for me.

And there it is!

Not bad for under $5 including tax!

Tom's isn't the cleanest or fanciest place by any stretch of the imagination. It's more like an old rundown diner ... but it's a cheap quick place to get a delicious breakfast.

It's across the street from CAMH so some of the people hanging around are kind of sketchy ... but just politely decline whatever they want (asking money, selling you a radio, bumming a cigarette, etc.) and you'll be fine.

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