Thursday 6 November 2008

Boxing Babes go Cajun

The Boxing Babes went Cajun tonight at Southern Accent (good pick, Trish!). Missing in action tonight were Shawna, Susan and Jen.

There is always a psychic there. I had a session with her before we ate. Lots of good stuff coming apparently ... I'll let you know if/when it comes true.

Monica and Trish

Teena and Yvette

Yvette, Teena, Monica and Trish

As we were leaving, we saw these things hanging next to us and couldn't figure out what they were.

It is a back scratcher as Yvette thought?


Is it a hat as Trish thought?

I'm not sure what Monica thought it was!

Do you know what it is?


Lord of the Wing said...

I think they are some sort of bucket holder (for wine?) - they look like they hang off the end of the table (with the large back scratcher part stabilizing under the table). That's just my guess. But I like all the different interpretations!

Thanks for the B-day wishes as well and sorry to hear you don't do halloween!!!

Unknown said...

it looks like you girls have a lot of fun!

i'm with lord of the wing on the wine bucket holder. but your interpretations are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

no clue what they are but i'm sure interested in hearing...give us a hint maybe ? are they for handing curtains up?

Sherry said...

It hangs on the side of the table, a bucket is placed inside to keep the wine cold...I guess those of us who said this must know our vino!! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

And lord of the wings is correct!

We had to have our server explain it to us.