Friday 21 November 2008

Checking out new pubs

I met Gord after work for a couple drinks at Stix 'n Stones at King W/Spadina (where Shoeless Joe's used to be). It opened in September and we thought we'd check it out.

There are two sides to the place ... a nice restaurant and a sport bar (where we sat). It was pretty empty ... the scaffolding in front of the building is no doubt a deterrent.

Lauri, our waitress, was very friendly. Word of warning, though ... the bathrooms aren't heated so are very very cold.

Heading home, we stopped at the Bier Markt at King W/Portland (where Portland Beer House used to be). It opened just a couple months ago and we hadn't been yet.

It was jammed and we got seats at the bar. Gord enjoyed the Bier Markt because of it's interesting selection of beer.

Chia kitty liked it too because there was sparkling wine.


Anonymous said...

Kitty's come a looonnggg way from lapping up a bowl of milk.... :)

Isabel said...

How is Kitty feeling today?

Teena in Toronto said...

Chia kitty feels fine today ... he didn't drink much. Remember that wicked hangover he had months ago? He learned his lesson.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I think Kitty may have had a few too many. hehehe

Sarah said...

Chia is tipped over. Too much wine?

Lord of the Wing said...

Shoeless Joe's is gone!? I reviewed them so long ago for their wings. Does Stix'n'stones have wings? What about the Bier Market? I've heard its a nice place to go!

And man oh man Chia gets around!!!