Monday 3 November 2008


I taught Intro Excel today at a site I'd never been to.

There is an alarm but I had the instructions to turn it off.

I unlocked the door and punched in the code and the pressed "off".

But the alarm kept going off.

So I did it again. And again.

And then I heard "This is AlarmForce ... what is your eight digit code?"

I told him my name and said I only had a four digit code.

He (a real guy not an automatic voice) responded that I needed the eight digit code.

I again said I didn't have it.

So he said that the police were on their way.

"Um, okay."

Then someone else called me back and told me how to turn the alarm off via the phone, which worked.


He said he was telling the police not to come.


But by this time, my heart was pounding with the noise of the alarm and the thought of the police arriving as my students got there.

When I left this afternoon, I set the alarm via the phone and it seemed to work okay.



Mysterious Ways said...

Thanks for your visit in my blog !

This your history is so funny :P ! But don't worry, this kinf of thinks happen to me either !

have nice day !

Mysterious ways

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I can only imagine what your heart was doing! :) Good save Tee.

Teresa said...

Now that sounds like a fun way to start the day! Hopefully things went smoother from there on out.