Sunday, 21 May 2006

Montreal ~ Day Three

We walked to the Peel Pub for lunch for their 19¢ wings. Yummy!

More rain! So we took the subway to the Biodome. They have four sections including a one for rain forest, Laurentian and Antartica. There were lots of cool fish, animals, birds and plants. We spent a lot of time watching the 40 penguins at feeding time.

When we were finished touring around, we saw that it was sunny so decided to do the Tower next door at Olympic Park. When we bought our ticket for the Biodome, the cashier talked us out of buying a ticket for the Tower because of the rain. Because we stood in line for a half hour the first time (and it looked like it would be the same again), we tried to convince security to let us jump in line (we told her our tale of woe) but she said no.

So instead we headed back to Old Montreal to do a horse and carriage tour. Dennis and CC took good care of us, driving us around for a half hour and giving us some history. From the sounds of it, most of Old Montreal is now full of expensive condos.

We walked back downtown and had supper at the Claddagh Irish Pub. We had stopped in there on Friday night for a drink but the service sucked so we left. It wasn't any better today but we persevered. We both had fish 'n chips, which were good. Then we had a couple drinks at Dundees Bar & Grill before heading back to the hotel.


Isabel said...

I've always wanted to ride in an horse drawn carriage.

Teena said...

Izzy: the carriage ride was fun. The horse smells, though, but it was worth it!