Friday 19 May 2006

Montreal ~ Day One

Sister Sarah and I arrived at the hotel around the same time (3:00ish). I took the train (five hours) and she flew from Halifax (1.5 hours). It was a nice ride ~ I knitted, watched a couple movies (on my portable DVD player) and read to pass the time.

The hotel room is really nice. We paid a bit extra for an upgrade but it is worth it. The hotel is in a great location ~ less than a block from the main shopping street in downtown and the restaurant area.

Hurleys Irish Pub ~ We were hungry after travelling and it was pouring rain so we went to a local pub the receptionist at the hotel recommended. It took us a few minutes to realize that people were smoking. Ewwww! We've become so spoiled because it's not allowed in public establishments in Ontario and Nova Scotia. I had fish 'n chips and Sister Sarah had a burger 'n fries. Both were really good.

Hard Rock Cafe ~ We stopped in the Hard Rock Cafe and had a Hurricane and a Purple Haze. On the inside, it looks like a Hard Rock Cafe all over the world.

Sir Winston Churchill Pub ~ We stopped in for a couple coolers and, though it was cold and raining, we sat on the covered patio. It was a bit of a pricy place but the band inside sounded good.

McKibbin's Irish Pub ~ We ended the evening here and ended up hanging out at the front with three people we met (Brenda, Jeff and their friend). Though it's an Irish pub, they had a rock band playing that was pretty good.


Isabel said...

Ok Teena, it's day one and every picture I see a different drink in your hand. Sniff, you make me proud. lol.

Teena in Toronto said...

Izzy: it was pouring and we were hungry. What else could we do when there are about 30 restaurants within two blocks??!! I'm glad I dun you proud, though :)