Monday, 22 May 2006

Montreal ~ Day Four

No rain! Finally! Yay!!

For a change from pub grub, we had an early lunch at a McDonald's in a food court. Though it was a holiday (Patriot's Day in Quebec and Victoria Day in the rest of Canada), Saint Catherine's Street was buzzing with the stores open.

We walked up Mont Royal, a "mountain" not far from downtown (about a km away). It's a steep incline up Peel Street, then a path in Mont Royal Park and finally lots of stairs. The climb up once inside the Park is 232 metres. But it's worth the climb! We took some pix from Kondiaronk Belvedere and then checked out the chalet.

We went back down the mountain and came across Ben's Deli. According to the info I read, it's where smoked meat sandwiches originated in Montreal. So I had to have one! The waiters were old cranky men but they fit in well since the deli had the original flooring, counters, etc. My smoked meat sandwich was really good but the prices are kinda high. $1.95 for a small glass of fountain pop??!! $5 for a milkshake??!!

We had left our bags at the hotel when we checked out. So we picked them up and Sister Sarah and I parted ways ... me heading to the train station five blocks away and her to the airport.

So ended another sisters' getaway. We had a great time, touring around Montreal (neither of us had been there before) and catching up.

Where will we meet up next year?? We've started a tradition of getting together over this long weekend. Last year we went to a resort outside of Halifax ... and it rained ALL weekend. Ha!!


Mon said...

Despite the rain, looks you had a great time with Sarah. Nice pix, as usual. :-)

Isabel said...

Love the pictures with you two in front of flowers.

Teena said...

Mon: we had a great time! It was nice to get away and hang with my sis.

Izzy: the tulips were really colourful so we couldn't resist.