Friday, 26 May 2006

Spring Festival of Small Breweries

Tonight Gord and I attend C'est What's Second Annual Spring Festival of Small Breweries ~ it's the first time we'd checked it out, though we've been to C'est What a couple times.

Samples were $1 each for 3 oz. There were 36 beer to choose from and we were provided with a scoring sheet to rate looks, aroma, floar, finish and likeability.

I tried seven but discarded two (I found them too gross to drink ... even Gord disliked one and he's a big fan of beer). Gord tried 16. My top two were Niagara Best Blonde and True North Cream Ale ... I gave them both 42/50. Gord's favorite was Steam Whistle Pilsner, which he gave 47/50.

Update: The results

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Isabel said...

I'm not a beer fan. Never really liked it. But then I've only tried budlight, budwieser and corona. ewwww. Give me a mixed drink any day.