Sunday 5 March 2006

The Briars, Jackson's Point, ON

I spent the weekend at The Briars in Jackson's Point. It was a Girls Night Out Club event. It's the fifth year they have done it ~ it's the third year I've gone. And for the third year, my pal and neighbour, Monica, was my roomie.

The Briars has rooms in the main part of the resort but there are also lodges down the road along the water. Our group of 20+ had the Mayfair Lodge. It was a great size for us ~ ten bedrooms with a common living room/kitchen on the second floor. Our room was on the main floor.

On Friday, there was a champagne welcome and then we headed to the main inn for supper. Then we headed back to our lodge for some drinks, chatting and knitting (I brought my afghan along).


I had a massage at 10:15am (it was great! I like a deep massage and the massage therapist combined Swedish with shiatsu) and then a pedicure at 11:30am (my toes are a lovely shade of purple). Then I met everyone for lunch.

Yvette, Monica and I at lunch (look how relaxed I am!)

There are lots of activities at the resort (sleigh rides, snow golf, walks, snowshoeing, a pool, fitness room, etc.) but I felt like chillin' out (life has been way too busy for me lately) so I went to the tower to finish my book

The Briars and tower

I headed back to the lodge a couple hours later for more chatting and knitting (and a couple drinks) before we headed back to the main inn for supper. We were early so we went to the Drinkwater Lounge first. 

Chris, Darlene, Yvette and I at the Drinkwater before supper

After supper, Chris, Darlene, Monica and I went back to the Drinkwater for a couple drinks before heading back to the the lodge. When we got there, the PJ party was just getting over.


I checked out and then headed to the tower again to read and chill. I went on the 10:30am walk with The Briar's fitness person, Sheila. She took Monica, Arlene and I around the area and we ended up at the lake (Lake Simcoe). The lake is frozen and there were a bunch of people ice fishing. There were lots of trucks and huts on the ice so we figured it was safe enough to hold our weight.

Arlene, Monica, Sheila and I on Lake Simcoe

Monica and I went back to the tower to read for a while and then headed down for lunch.

The Girls Night Out Club - our last lunch before heading home


Holly said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I'm a bit jealous, too.

Isabel said...

I'm with Holly, I'm a bit jealous.

Teena in Toronto said...

It was an excellent time! But I'm back to being stressed out again!! I want to go back!!!!

Rowena said...

Dude, I'm with the others, I'm hecka jealous...looks like you had a great time. Forget my question on the other blog entry, cause I read all about your weekend...what a treat it had to have been for you, LUCKY!

Anonymous said...

Teehee, the pics are great - what a beautiful spot. I'm extremely jealous! But, okay, you deserved the break...I guess, sorta... :)

Tracie P. said...

at the drinkwater? don't look like y'all be drankin' no water...