Saturday, 11 March 2006

Book ~ "Cue the Easter Bunny" - Liz Evans (2005)

From ~ During a dry job spell, PI Grace Smith dons a bunny costume to promote tourism until she's hired to investigate death threats sent to the depressed, drugged-out husband of sexy soap star Clemency Courtney — who just happens to have a pet bunny. Another sudden job finds her joining her off-and-on PI boyfriend, Dane O'Hara, in a search for long-lost Heidi Walkinshaw, whose suspected abductor, a convicted sexual predator, was killed years earlier by Dane's brother.

I'd never heard of this author when I saw this book at the library. I'm glad I checked it out because I really enjoyed it. It's a murder mystery (which I enjoy) and the writing was funny. She reminds me a lot of one of my favorite authors, Janet Evanovich, and her Stephanie Plum series. I'm looking forward to reading her other books in this series.

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Dylan said...

I really like Janet Evanovich so I'll be sure to add this to my ever growing list of books to read!!

It looks cute though!