Tuesday 7 March 2006

Book ~ "The Friendship Crisis : Finding, Making, and Keeping Friends When You're Not a Kid Anymore" - Marla Paul (2005)

From Amazon.com ~ This much-praised celebration of women's friendships explores the keys to forming emotionally supportive and sustaining connections at every stage in life. Embraced by some of the most popular women's magazines, this book has struck a chord with women everywhere who know that finding close friends as an adult isn't easy. Most women rely heavily on their friendships with other women to share their joy and see them through the rough spots, but common life changes - having a baby, leaving a job, moving to a new town, starting an at-home business, becoming divorced or widowed - not only make it difficult to forge new ties but often fray the ones we already have. Marla Paul brings together the moving personal experiences of many different women with the keen insights of psychologists and other relationship experts in "her wise and helpful book on this much neglected subject."

Nice book about friendships throughout the different times in our lives. I enjoyed reading it and it was appropriate I started it during my weekend away at The Briars with the Girls Night Out Club.


Rowena said...

Ooh, so would you recommend this book? I'll have to check it out! So how was your weekend with the Girls?

Teena in Toronto said...

I'd definitely recommend it. It reenforces how important friends are in our lives.

And the Girls weekend away was great! Can't wait 'til next year!!!

nikinpos said...

sounde good. I moved to a new country,made friends and so far am the only one who had a baby...its been hard work keeping my friends but I think I did it!