Saturday 25 March 2006

Book ~ "Two Plus Two" - Alan Cochran (1980)

This was a murder mystery set in a swinging singles club. It was written by Alan Cochran (aka Ken Grimwood). I've read his Replay a couple of times and really enjoyed it so thought I would check out his other stuff.

This was a fast read. The writing was good and the subject matter was interesting. Definitely a different style of writing than Replay.


B.R.Dailey said...

I see you are a Murder/Mystery reader, Teena. I, too, read the genre when I'm not engaged with my job. I particularly enjoy Rex Stout's "Nero Wolfe" series, Max Allan Collins' "Nathan Heller" series, and the "87th Precinct" series by Ed McBain. All are good, entertaining, quick reads. And in my position as the Center of the Universe, I don't have all that much down time!

Sean Flanagan said...

I am just started and rapidly reading 2+2 and it is as good as all Ken Grimwood's other books.

I have read Replay 3 times - and will be reading it next, also have read Elise, The Voice Outside, Breakthrough and Into the Deep all once, but will hope to revisit them all many times.

Still have not got my greedy hands on the half finished Repay 11, the sequel Ken was creating when he got the call.

What a talented writer.