Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Condo repairs - day five

We came home tonight to find that the primer has been applied to the effected walls. Yay! There is still no trim.

Gord and I both had shitty days at work today. So we met after work and consoled ourselves with a burrito at Burrito Boyz. Very yummy! We needed nourishment for the night ahead.

We had to pack EVERYTHING as the painters are coming in tomorrow. I've got a ton of books in my bookcase so it wasn't a fun chore. We ran out of boxes so I put my back issues of fitness magazines in groceries bags and put them in the trunk of our car out of the way (I didn't want them mistaken for garbage). Gord took everything out of our "shrine" and the shelving units in the living room.

So the mess in our place has gotten worse. Keep in mind that it isn't all that big and right now everything is piled in the middle of it.

Everything we own is in the middle of the rooms ...

This is driving us NUTS!!

The deal is that just the effected walls are getting repainted. But since our place hasn't been painted since the summer of 2002 and needs a painting (and we hate painting!!), we are going to have the painters paint our entire place and pay the difference. May as well since they are there anyway.


Anonymous said...

So are they painting it whatever colour you want then? Monica

Teena in Toronto said...

Yes. We're getting banana yellow throughout except tangerine in the bathroom and grass green in the main bedroom. Should be a wacky change from the "builder white" we currently have. I saw how nice your yellow looked so wanted it! Ours is going to be a bit brighter/darker., though