Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Condo repairs - day one

When our condos were built seven years ago, the builder screwed up and didn't make the inside of the exterior walls fire-proofed enough. This is a serious issue and the condo corporation has been fighting them about it since. Last year finally agreed to fix the issue. And this month they finally agreed to get the work started.

I'm the president of our condo board so I begrudgedly volunteered our place as the guinea pig. It had to be done eventually so we may as well get it out of the way. Last weekend we packed up everything to get it away from the outside walls ... shelving units moved, knicknacks packed, computer taken apart, etc. Everything is being stored as far from the outside walls as possible (so there's not much room to move around). We took our dog to Gord's son's place for a couple of weeks. Our kitties are at our neighbours, Monica and Mark, during the day (thanks again, Mon and Mark!!).

We have a small two bedroom unit (744 square feet) that runs north to south (our condos are in townhouses rather than a tall building). What they did today is start putting up two layers of drywall in the living room.

Stuff that was against the outside wall is now jammed against other walls

By the door - light switch and alarm

Up into the air conditioning vents

Our living room (Byron doesn't seem to notice!)

The trim in the back bedroom has been removed. Though they are covering the furniture, etc., there was a bit of dust (nothing too serious).

Tomorrow and/or Friday should be worse as they have to tape, plaster, sand, plaster and sand. They estimate it will take three days to do ... then they'll have to repaint ... and we'll have to clean clean clean!

Apparently the owner of the company (the builder) was by three times to see what was going on. From what I understand, they didn't realize the magnitude of the job. Right now, they maintain that the work will be completed in all 180 units in three to four months (using multiple crews). Very optimistic!

So Gord and I are feeling very displaced. Nothing is in its place. We keep telling ourselves that all will be well again this time next week.


nikinpos said...

I live in a condo too. Last year the hotel that is next to the condo,nowhere near where my aparmtent is , sued the condo for damages caused by leaks. We now hwve to pay an extra 1200 euro ontop of this years 700 euro condo fee.We rent, but the landlady says that while we live there we have to pay for everthing. We had to replace her washing machine that was older than me and will have to leave it here if we move out. does it work the same way in Canada?

Isabel said...

Good luck with all that. At least it will be over and everything will be as it was next week.