Thursday 30 March 2006

Condo repairs - day seven

Knowing we couldn't go home until after 7:30pm because they were painting, Gord and I went to Gabby's on King Street W for supper.

Then we raced home so we could watch Survivor. We were expecting the same mess we've been living with for the last week or so. But it was much worse. Things were even more jammed in and EVERYTHING was covered in plastic. Duh! Of course!

The living room, kitchen, hallway and part of the back bedroom have been painted. We love the banana yellow in the living room and hallway. And we love the tangerine in the bathroom. Both are very bright and loud but we are very happy with them. Quite a change from "builder white"! They will be back tomorrow to finish up.

All the boxes that were in the hallway because there was no room for them anywhere else were on our bed along with shelving and everything in the bedroom. Plus all covered with plastic. Monica and Mark said they could keep the kitties over night. There's no way we could stay at our place and Mon and Mark offered up their spare room to us. We have the best neighbours!!

We have imposed enough on Mon and Mark (they have taken in our kitties every day ~ we didn't think it was going to take this long) so we got a room at the Travelodge on King Street W. It's just outside the downtown core so was only $109 for the night (free parking and free continental brekkie). So we packed quickly and off we went. Then I realized I'd brought everything but a comb and make-up. There will be a quick stop at the drugstore on my way to work tomorrow! And because I couldn't get into my closet, I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Eeeew! I was able to get a change of underwear, though. Yay!!

Tomorrow is Gord's birthday and he's taking the day off (he never works his birthday). He'll be able to chill and relax on his day without the stress of having to be up and out before 8:00am because of the painters.

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