Saturday 4 March 2006

Book ~ "The Mirror" - Marlys Millhiser (1997)

From ~ When Shay Garrett looks into the grotesque and evil mirror she receives as a gift on her wedding eve, she is drawn back in time, awakening in the same house, but in another body, that of her grandmother, Brandy. The independent and headstrong Brandy is transported as well - from 75 years in the past into her granddaughter, Shay's deserted body. Shay is forced to live the life of her grandmother, being called crazy by all of society and is tortured by knowing the future and being forced to endure it.

I enjoy time travel books so this one interested me. I really enjoyed it. All the sites that I read about it gave it rave reviews. The writing is well-done and moves fairly quickly. It was interesting reading how Shay reacts in Brandy's world and vice versa.

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