Saturday 1 June 2024

"Hedda Gabler", Tom Patterson Theatre, Stratford Festival, Stratford, ON

Gord and I saw Hedda Gabler this afternoon. It's at the Tom Patterson Theatre in Stratford, ON, and part of the Stratford Festival. We took their festival bus there and back (thanks, Philip!).

The view from the café
I couldn't resist the photo op!

The honeymoon is over and Hedda Gabler is already bored with her husband and the respectable life he represents. When an old rival arrives on the scene, Hedda seizes the chance to challenge what society would have her accept as ‘happiness’, instead asserting her powerful will and wreaking havoc on everyone in her reach. Henrik Ibsen’s masterwork shocked late-19th-century audiences with its complex portrait of female identity and independence, while gifting us with one of theatre’s great tragic characters.

Gord had seen it a few weeks ago in Toronto and liked it. I don’t usually enjoy period pieces and I thought it was good. The theatre is fairly new and is lovely.

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