Thursday 20 June 2024

Book ~ "Hold on for Beer Life" (2022) Ellie Alexander

From Goodreads ~ Spring has given way to early summer in the Bavarian village of Leavenworth, Washington, where Sloan Krause and her brewing partner in crime, Garrett Strong, are taking off for a weekend adventure. They’ve been invited to Confluence Brewing in nearby Wenatchee for the brewery’s soft opening. Confluence is taking beer tourism to the next level with farm-to-table dinners in their lush apple orchard, hop field tours, overnight accommodations complete with beer-themed breakfasts, and of course, plenty of tastings.

The trip is part work and part pleasure. Sloan is looking forward to a weekend away with Garrett and getting a chance to learn more about Confluence. There’s no doubt that the nanobrewery is a perfect escape for any craft beer lover. Sloan is immediately captivated by the rustic barn, turned tasting room, and the expansive orchards that stretch as far as her eye can see. Dinner under the stars is nothing short of magical. Maybe it’s the organic food and beer pairings or perhaps it’s the company. Either way, she’s happy to be finally stepping outside of herself and figuring out what’s next for her.

However, the blissful moment is short-lived. Sinister things are brewing at Confluence. When Sloan discovers one of the brewery’s young interns knocked out in the middle of the orchard, she realizes she and Garrett are in for more than sampling summer IPAs. If they can’t get to the bottom of what’s really going on at the new start-up, they might just end up at the bottom of the barrel.

I like beer and I like mysteries so that's why this series has caught my eye.

Sloan has been working with Garrett in his microbrewery/pub, Nitro. Over time, they have developed feelings for each other but are taking it slowly as she recently got out of a marriage to Mac, whom she'd caught cheating on her.

Nearby Confluence Brewing has recently opened and is doing tours and tasting. It sounds like a fun way for Sloan and Garrett to spend a weekend ... supporting the local craft beer industry and spending time together. What they hadn't bargained for is discovering shifty activities at the Confluence and they are determined to find out what's going on to protect their industry.

This is a novella after the fifth book in the Sloan Krause Series and I liked it.  I've read the others and this works as a stand alone (there is enough background provided). It's written in first person perspective in Sloan's voice.  There is some talk about beer and food pairings and recipes at the end.  It was a quick light read and is a "cozy mystery" so there is no swearing, violence or adult activity.

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