Friday 28 June 2024

Book ~ "Halifax and Me" (2020) Harry Bruce

From Goodreads ~ Essays recounting Canadian author Harry Bruce's love affair with the fascinating, historic, quirky city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Though I've never lived in Halifax (my sister does), I'm originally from Nova Scotia and that's why this book caught my eye.

This a collection of essays written by Harry Bruce, who when he wrote the book, was living in Halifax again. He has moved around a lot across Canada in his almost 90 years and Halifax kept drawing him back. His paternal family had roots in Guysborough County so he had spent time there as a child.

The essays were interesting for the most part but rambling at times. He wrote about the history and people of Halifax and Nova Scotia, comparing it to the other places he's lived (the farthest he'd lived from there was in Vancouver), his family and work history, the people he's met over the years and more.

The book could have been edited better as there were typos and grammatical/spacing errors.

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