Sunday 30 June 2024

Book ~ "Fighting for Decency" (2024) Gordon K. Jones

From Goodreads ~ After drone specialist and newly-licensed private investigator Cody Marshall assists police in preventing the kidnapping of a young boy, his first official case is being hired by the boy's father to delve into why the child was taken. Cody’s girlfriend, the level-headed Toronto Police Officer Taylor Brant, is also assigned to investigate who was behind the attempt. As the couple follow up separately, they both arrive at the same the kidnapping was part of an elaborate scheme to raise money for the newly-formed violent white supremacist terror organization, Pyre.

Cody and Taylor soon find that their lives are in danger as they work to take down Pyre before the terrorists can unleash their fiery hate upon the city. Will Taylor and Cody be able to stop this violent hate organization before it’s too late? More importantly, will they be able to survive their first time working together?

Cody is a drone specialist and private detective. A young boy has been kidnapped and Cody is asked by the police to use his drone to track down the boy and kidnapper in a large park. Once he does that, the boy’s father is very appreciative and since Cody is also a private detective, he hires Cody to find out who was behind the kidnapping of his son and why. Once Cody starts investigating, he discovers the boy was kidnapped by a white supremacist group and it’s distressing and disturbing when they learn who is heading up the group.

This story had an interesting premise. It’s written in first person perspective in Cody’s voice. Not only do we get to follow along as he tries to find out more about why the boy was kidnapped but we also get to know him personally because his girlfriend, Taylor, is a police officer also investigating the kidnapping. I liked that the author didn’t hide the fact it’s in Toronto rather than some anonymous American city and I knew exactly where the locations were. As a head’s up, there is violence and swearing.

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