Saturday 22 June 2024

"A Streetcar Named Desire", Young Centre for the Performing Arts, Distillery District, Toronto, ON

This afternoon Gord and I saw A Streetcar Named Desire at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the Distillery District. We'd seen it there in October 2019 and enjoyed it. Today's performance was very good and the cast was excellent. It's just over three hours long (including an intermission) but the time passed quickly.

As Blanche’s fragile world crumbles, she turns to her sister for solace – but her downward spiral brings her face to face with a brutal, unforgiving reality. Tennessee Williams’ timeless masterpiece is a raging portrayal of what it means to be an outsider, in a society where we’re all desperate to belong.

Gord and I

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Teresa said...

That's a lovely afternoon event.