Sunday 16 June 2024

"360 ALLSTARS", Young People's Theatre, Toronto, ON

I saw 360 ALLSTARSwhich is part of the Luminato Festival this morning.

Get ready to be blown away as the international sensation 360 ALLSTARS bring their electrifying urban circus to Luminato Festival Toronto for their 10th anniversary world tour. This show is not your ordinary circus; it’s a unique fusion of BMX, basketball, breakdancing, acrobatics, drumming and more. Prepare to be amazed by this jaw-dropping cast of world champions and record holders as they transform the stage into a vibrant display of skill, speed, and sound. Don’t miss out on this reinvented circus experience of the extraordinary artistry that emerges from street culture.

Wow! So much energy, action, audience interaction and humour! 

After the show, they sold merchandise and signed autographs.

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