Tuesday 9 March 2021

Book ~ "Diary of the Cat Named Carrot" (2021) Erin Merryn

From Goodreads ~ Celebrate a year in the life of the Cat Named Carrot, as she goes from humble beginnings in a shelter to a loving home with a family of three adorable little girls and internet stardom.

Bailey was certainly no ordinary cat - an orange tabby who gained fans around the world when his humanlike antics went viral. Sadly, when 14-year-old Bailey died, his family grieved their loss. They’d never find a cat quite like him - or would they?

Then along came Carrot, an orange tabby kitten born as a stray, who appeared just as Erin Merryn and her young girls Abby, Hannah and baby Claire were mending their broken hearts. 

Written in the voice of Carrot, follow her remarkable journey from shelter cat to top Instagram celebrity feline. Much like Bailey did, she loves spending time with her human family: making mischief with her girl gang; going joyriding in a pint-sized pink Barbie Jeep; doing arts-and-crafts projects; modeling a pink tutu and flowery headband; enjoying a spa day complete with fluffy robe and cucumber eye treatments; celebrating Christmas, Easter, and every holiday in between. It’s no wonder that Carrot’s videos have gone viral - garnering millions of views on Ellen, the Dodo, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, People, and many more.

Complete with four-color photos that will leave readers purring with delight, the journal of this sweet, adorable kitty with personality to spare shows us that the human-animal bond runs more than fur deep. It is love that will last a lifetime! 

I love reading books about animals.  This is a year long diary written by Carrot, an orange tabby.  She started her life in a foster home with her mother and siblings.  She was quickly adopted by Erin and her family, whose cat, Bailey, had passed away.

Carrot tells of living in the foster home, being adopted, and all the escapades and celebrations she enjoys with her family.  Along with her diary entries, are full-colour pictures.

I thought this was a cute book.  We have two rescue cats and we volunteer with a cat rescue.  It was funny to see some of the pictures ... our cats would never ever let us dress them up like Carrot.  Crumpet is too spicy to allow it.  I put a sweater on Muffin once and she just laid there stunned until I took it off.  Ha!

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