Wednesday 10 March 2021

Book ~ "The Bounty" (2021) Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton

From Goodreads ~ Straight as an arrow special agent Kate O’Hare and international con man Nick Fox have brought down some of the biggest criminals out there. But now they face their most dangerous foe yet - a vast, shadowy international organization known only as the Brotherhood.

Directly descended from the Vatican Bank priests who served Hitler during World War II, the Brotherhood is on a frantic search for a lost train loaded with $30 billion in Nazi gold, untouched for over seventy-five years somewhere in the mountains of Eastern Europe.

Kate and Nick know that there is only one man who can find the fortune and bring down the Brotherhood - the same man who taught Nick everything he knows - his father, Quentin. As the stakes get higher, they must also rely on Kate’s own father, Jake, who shares his daughter’s grit and stubbornness. Too bad they can never agree on anything.

From a remote monastery in the Swiss Alps to the lawless desert of the Western Sahara, Kate, Nick, and the two men who made them who they are today must crisscross the world in a desperate scramble to stop their deadliest foe in the biggest adventure of their lives.

Everyone thinks Nick is a con man and thief and Kate, an FBI agent, is trying to catch him.  But in reality, Nick had been caught and is now secretly working with Kate and the FBI.  Only a handful of people are aware of this.

There is going to be a robbery at the Vatican and Kate and Nick are dispatched to roam to be part of the team to stop it.  Imagine their surprise when the robber doesn't seem what they thought he was going to steal AND it turns out to be Nick's father, Quentin.  Nick protects his father and in turn, Kate protects Nick.  It seems that Quentin was stealing part of a map that would lead to $30 million dollars in old Nazi gold.  There are different pieces of the map which takes Kate, Nick, Quentin, Jake (Kate's father) and a professor all over Europe to find them because they land in the wrong hands, a group called the Brotherhood.

This is the seventh in the Fox and O'Hare series ... I've them read all and liked them but I didn't like this one.  It was very far-fetched and had Nick climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Kate climbing to the top of a castle, Nick and Quentin searching a polar bear exhibit, the team climbing a rugged mountain and more ... with hardly a scratch.  All the while fighting off the bad guys.  I've liked Kate and Nick and their interactions and banters in the past but in this book there weren't many.  It was more action-packed and cold, perhaps due to the change in the second writer.  I hope the next one in the series is better.

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